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It's H.P. Lovecraft's birthday today and to celebrate I've uploaded a painting of a Shoggoth I did back in 2012: 
Shoggoth by SpiralMagus

And greetings / thanks to all the people watching / commenting / favoriting as I get started on here!   My account was made years ago but I'm just getting started now with using it.  I appreciate all the comments and favorites people have made!  I will catch up on replies soon.  I have a lot more art to add and will keep adding as new stuff is created.  I'm looking forward to interacting on here more.

- Mike
nightserpent Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
I had a very similar experience.  Someone invited me here, so I made an account and then didn't really get what one does here.  So, the account sat dormant for a few years and then I finally got to exploring this site.  I'm glad I did, though it takes some investment in time I think it's paid off.  The most useful things, I've found, is putting energy into getting your work out into different groups and commenting on others' work.  Just making one thoughtful and sincere comment a day can really add up.  I haven't found it useful for getting work, as most of here are artists as well, but I've really enjoyed my exchanges with other creative people and it's been interesting to see their work evolve over time.  I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have! :)
SpiralMagus Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yes the interactions with other artists is what I think will enjoy most about it.  I've already encountered some very inspiring pieces and creators I hadn't seen before.   And I've gotten a lot positive feedback about my own work which is always nice to have.  I think I will like it here!
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